FM Jasel Lopez wins second time


During the opening speech it was noted that there were a lot of nationalities present in the 14th Haags Weekendtoernooi. Players from Belgium, India, Poland, Slovakia, Turkey, Switzerland, and Sweden formed a group of 116 participants, together with the Dutch and Aruban, devided in two groups.

In group A there was heavy competition, because players did not deviate much in playing strength. Five FIDE masters and one candidate master did all they could to get on top and stay there, but one by one they fell back until only Jasel Lopez (Kennemer Combinatie, 2315) and Roger Meng (Charlois Europoort, 2388) were left. Roger scored five points in a row, where Jasel had chosen to skip a round on Saturday evening. In the end, both gentlemen had a decisive game in the final round when Jasel won with the white pieces and wrote history, because he became the first player to win the weekend tournament for a second time.

Group B also was won by someone who had won this group before, 10 years ago, to be precise. After a draw in the first round Maurits Bons (Haeghe Ooievaar, 1739) had to do everything he could to reach first place. After round 3 only three were left with a 100% score, but in round 4 one of them took a bye while the other two drew their game. A large group caught up and so there were seven players leading on Sunday morning and the battle would start all over. It would happen at the first four boards; Maurits was the only one to win, subsequently leading. With the white pieces he had to win, because there still was competition. He succeeded and so he also wrote history.



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